Dear Mary,

I just wanted to write you a note to say thank you . We were going to be in forclosure and you not only sold our home quick but it stopped forclosure and the mark it would have left on our credit for 10 years. Now our place is sold and no mark on our credit and most of all no more worries about what to do.

Thanks again , ----------------------------------------------Click here to go to the Stop Foreclosure Form

Pam W.
Leicester, NC


I want to personally thank Mary for all her hard work that kept our house from selling on the courthouse steps. Our situation was difficult because we had filed bankruptcy and our payments still kept going up because we had an adjustable rate mortgage. I told my wife we could not stay in our house with a $2000 monthly payment. I was able to pay the bankruptcy courts for our other debts but could not keep the house. They were going to sell it on the steps and Mary worked with our lender for over 7 months and finally was able to work a deal that helped everybody. It kept a foreclosure off our record, we were able to buy another smaller house. The guy that bought our house got a great deal so it was a win win situation for all of us. We want to thank Mary and her team for all their hard work and for not giving up when many people probably would have just given up.

Thanks again!
Chris P.
Candler, NC ----------------------------------------------- Click here to go to the Stop Foreclosure Form






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