Stop Foreclosure

Mary and her team have helped many, many homeowners to Stop Foreclosure. Time is NOT on your side in
any foreclosure situation so if you want us to try to help you, make sure to fill out our ONLINE FORM NOW
or call us immediately at 828 551-9575.

We have helped many people stay in their homes but of course that is not always possible. Whether you are
trying to save your home from the perils of foreclosure or if you know you have to sell, the first step is to contact
us so we can begin the process immediately of trying to help before it’s too late. A foreclosure can stay on your
credit report for up to 10 years preventing you from buying another house for a very long time.

After we have discussed your individual situation we will come up with a plan for your situation. Over the years
when people call they always ask “what do you do” or “how can you help us”? There is NO “cookie cutter” answer
to this question since every person’s situation is different. Mary has helped a lot of people in the community in this situation.
You may want to read our testimonals.

Please call us NOW so we can help or fill out the form below and we will call you within 24 hours
Our consultations are
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